R&D Leadership

At MotoRad, we are constantly investing in research and development in order to be at the forefront of technology innovation and to offer our customers new and advanced products.

Leading the way in controllable actuators

Our fully staffed R&D engineering department is vital to MotoRad’s continued leadership in both the OEM and Aftermarket segments. The department’s three main areas of activities are:

  • New thermostat and controllable actuator product design for the OEM market.
  • Aftermarket product development and design of new products.
  • Production process development.

The R&D engineering team has extensive capabilities in the key fields vital to cutting-edge engine cooling systems development, including computer-based design and strength analysis, heat transfer and dynamic flow. Through our extensive R&D and process experience, we have developed highly precise pressing processes, which further facilitate the development of new products and applications.

Following are some of the key advances developed by our R&D team.



Enhanced engine temperature control

This technology improves control of the engine temperature by a faster response rate relative to conventional wax thermostat technology. It enables the engine to operate in a wider range of temperatures, which improves fuel consumption and reduces emission levels. This technology is embedded in our map controlled product line.

Advanced engine safety mechanism

These developments address the engine’s safety mechanism which locks the thermostat in an open mode in case of overheating. Introduced to the market in the MotoRad® Fail-Safe thermostat, these mechanisms drive a large portion of sales in the Aftermarket.

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Wax elements

MotoRad is a leading supplier of wax elements, manufacturing 15 product types, mainly for Tier-1 automotive suppliers and OEMs. Wax elements are a key element of engine thermostats, forming a miniature hydraulic system used to regulate coolant supply to a vehicle’s engine. The wax element’s central components are the piston/pin and expansion wax. As the engine heats up, the expansion wax transforms from a solid to a liquid state, expanding by about 10-15%



Fuel caps

MotoRad owns several patents that address the structure, assembly process and safety mechanism of fuel caps. Our fuel caps are designed and manufactured to prevent fuel loss, which primarily occurs through evaporation. The caps are specifically designed with pressure and vacuum relief valves to prevent evaporation of fuel.

New industrial products

In addition to developing products for the automotive industry, MotoRad is leveraging its expertise and know-how in thermostat technology to develop a new product portfolio for residential and industrial use. As our first steps in this direction, we have developed and patented the Eco-Pass, which enables residential water saving.

Advanced production control

At MotoRad, our engineering team constantly designs automated machines that expedite the manufacturing process and improve its efficiency.

All MotoRad dies and molds are developed and built at our own state-of-the-art tooling and die department. High-speed assembly machines enable us to adhere to the most demanding production timetables while maintaining the highest quality levels.

The high quality and exceptional efficiency of our manufacturing processes have earned us the honor of supplying some of the largest OEMs in the automotive industry, and enabled us to be first-to-market with many products.