Broad range of Aftermarket automotive cooling system parts

MotoRad is a leading manufacturer and supplier of thermostats, fuel caps, radiator caps, oil caps, and other products for the automotive Aftermarket.

We provide a broad portfolio of high-quality, dependable products to the worldwide Aftermarket, all backed by exceptional service. With our clear product segmentation of good/better/best, we enable our customers to effectively target their offerings to their different market segments. Our broad Aftermarket product portfolio serves over 95% of light vehicle models in the North American market.

MotoRad manufactures three categories of thermostats, all produced according to the highest quality standards:

  • Good: Standard thermostats – Made of high-quality stainless steel and copper to resist the corrosive effect of engine coolant.
  • Better: High-flow thermostats – Thermostats that enable a higher than usual flow of the coolant to the engine by using a wide-open position that allows the coolant to circulate freely.
  • Best: Thermostats with a fail-safe mechanism – Designed so that in the event that an engine overheats, the thermostat stays in an open position, preventing engine malfunction or damage.

The MotoRad advantage for the Aftermarket

MotoRad stands out as a leader through:

  • Superior customer service and cataloging capabilities
  • Clear product segmentation for the Aftermarket Proven track record of high fill rates and on time delivery

Thermostats – Vital to engine performance, and more

Thermostats play a critical role in maintaining the working temperature of the engine. The engine working temperature affects the efficiency of the combustion and the transfer of power, the consumption of fuel, the emission of pollutants and the life of the engine.

Heavy duty products

MotoRad has developed an additional product line of heavy duty products that extends its offering of thermostats and engine cooling system caps for light vehicles.

Sold under the brand name MotoRad® HD, this line of products serves the thermostat and cap needs of the heavy duty channel, such as trucks and agricultural equipment. MotoRad HD is primarily sold to heavy duty distributors; however it is also available to light duty customers who serve the heavy duty market.

The development of this line is part of our strategy of creating innovative solutions for our customers’ immediate and future needs. Like all MotoRad products, this line has quickly gained a solid reputation for the high quality and attention to detail evident in every part.

Broad customer base

MotoRad supplies thermostats and caps to many of the world’s leading car manufacturers (OEMs) either directly or via their Tier-1 automotive suppliers.

In the Aftermarket segment, our customers include major DIY and retail chains specializing in automotive products, as well as warehouse distributors, buying groups, automotive spare parts warehouses, and service stations.